In Talk with Harshdeep Ahuja: The Man who Redefines Vines in his own Style

Vine/Video making is in boom nowadays. YouTube is flourished with many vine makers in various genres. Comedy vines are most attractive and YouTube has hundreds of faces in comedy but the one who reaches the milestone of thousands of subscribers caught the eyes of viewers. Today let’s meet one such person, Harshdeep Ahuja, who has marked his presence on YouTube with thousands of subscribers. Come, let’s know bit more about him.

1. What was the story behind starting a YouTube Chanel?

Harshdeep: Well, it started couple of years back when I was sick due to Jaundice and was on sick leaves. While feeling bored, I give a try in video making and posted a video on my Facebook profile. My video very soon got appreciated from my friends. Thus, I created a FB page. My first vine was posted on February 2016 while I started my YouTube channel from December 2016.

2. Was it difficult for you to choose career in YouTube when you already have a settled job? How did you manage all the time?

Harshdeep: All credits to my passion! I was very much passionate about my YouTube career. Despite of having a full-time 9-5 job, I was very keen towards my passion and my dreams. Being a Software Engineer, who would love to leave the job and start a Video channel, but I followed my dream. I manage time at night or on weekends to do my videos and in this way followed my passion dedicatedly.

3. What was your family’s reaction to your decision? How did they react after seeing your videos?

Harshdeep: Initially, I didn’t get any support from family. They used to think it as a waste of time. But gradually, when I started getting huge responses from audience and got recognition, they understood it. Now they appreciate my work and none of my videos get posted without their approval.

4. There are many Vine makers in current scenario. How do you think your channel is different from them?

Harshdeep: I make videos in Punjabi, and as you know Punjabi is a very simple language to understand and it is unique as well. And talking about myself, my USP is my expressions. I always try to play with expressions along with sound effects which I feel is different from others.

5. What is the source of your ideas? Where do you get such comic ideas?

Harshdeep: Basically, I have two sources of ideas. One comes from real-life situations as well some comic family conversations which happen in our day to day life. And the other one comes from the old jokes my father tells me. I try to recreate those jokes in my own style and often get applauded for same. Recreating old jokes gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

6. Your Facebook cover page says “One thing you will never see again of mine is…Chin”, what does it mean?

Harshdeep: It is related with Sikh People or the beard lovers you can say. Our beard is never got to get cut, so we wouldn’t be seeing our chin again throughout our life.

7. Do you thing YouTube is an emerging career platform for newbies?

Harshdeep: Yes, YouTube is watched by every person in the world. Youngsters these days are seen very much on Social Media and thus, Vine/Video makers can get benefit from it. Well, if you don’t get appreciation and revenue for your work, you might get hit with moral down. So, I think one should start his career with sheer passion and dedication which will eventually become a successful person for sure.

8. Web-series and short films are the new trends are you planning any such project in near future?

Harshdeep: Well, my basic priority is to portray my acting skills to a better level, be it in Bollywood or Punjabi movies. But yes, I would like to achieve that with my vines as the platform. I am huge fan of “BB Ki Vines”. I love his acting and his vines are really good.

9. According you, which was your video that completely changed the whole scenario in your life? Like a Turning-point video

Harshdeep: Frankly speaking, my video about Private and Government Job Interviews got very viral. Actually I was about to leave for USA and by chance my VISA got rejected. If it wouldn’t have happened, that video would have never made. It was truly a game changer in my life!

10. What tips you will give to newbies?

Harshdeep: Firstly, Don’t let anything hinder your dreams. Follow your passion and one day you will be successful for sure. Manage your time and travel extra mile to follow your dreams. There is no Motivation than self-Motivation. Stay Motivated!