Tamil Nadu’s new technology set to make life easy: Driving licence to be a click away!

FE Online

The days of greasing the palm of government babus to get hold of your driving license and other government documents will soon be over. Tamil Nadu has come up with a novel predictive e-governance based measure which will soon turn the concept of applying for government documents outdated. Every document of an individual ranging from birth certificate to death certificate will get automatically generated on her e-vault as and when the individual becomes eligible for it, the Indian Express reported. Access to the whole tranche of documents will be a click away with the help of a unique One Time Password OTP which will get generated after registering the mobile number on the interface.

Coming in the age of digital theft and data security issues, the facility will be equipped with a blockchain feature which will ensure fool-proof safety. Forget third-parties, not even the government will be able to access the data without the consent of the individual concerned. Private players or any other agency will, however, be able to gain access to the e-vault after getting individual consent. The blockchain interface will notify every department to generate the document as soon as the citizen becomes eligible on its own without even citizen requesting for it. The document will then be generated and saved in the citizen’s e-vault.

The government has already sanctioned Rs 40 crore to devise a centralised blockchain interface which will provide e-government services for each and every department. The decision has been announced by Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami and is expected to be launched within a year’s time. The scheme is being spearheaded by state government IAS officer Santosh Babu and the CEO of Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency TneGA, Santosh Mishra. Babu has launched other similar e-governance measures in the state earlier including initiatives like Paperless Offices and Rural BPOs.