Tanhaji: Ajay Devgn calls deleting 'Om' from flag a technical decision

Ajay Devgn is busy promoting his upcoming film Tanhaji :The Unsung Warrior these days. The actor is playing a title role in the film ,which he is co-producing. The film was in news recently for a flag which was shown in the trailer with Om written on it.

It was said the saffron flag with Om had upset few people as according to them the original flag did not have any symbol on it. When Ajay was asked about it he said," Yes, we removed Om because it was a technical error from our part. We realised that later and removed it because the flag had no symbols on it ."

Tanhaji is Ajay's one of the ambitious projects as it is the first film which has been shot differently for 3D effect. The makers had to create many of the locations with these effects as they could not shoot on the real locations.

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