Tanjid Ahmed and Mohammed Nayem: Young Founders Of Yeager Digital From Bangladesh

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Mohammed Nayem is a young digital marketing expert from Dhanmandi, Dhaka Bangladesh. Digital marketing is not a child’s play or an easy game for anyone to win it .Nayem always had a positive attitude towards life and always encouraged himself to reach his present position. He has gone through hardship and difficulties to reach the goal he had chosen for himself. He is a person to make his own path instead of going on with the flow.

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Most young people have their own aims and goals of their life but soon realise that it is not easy to reach it and back off from it. But Nayem was determined about his aim in life and achieved it. He is one of the best young entrepreneur from Bangladesh and an expert in digital marketing. He studied from west Dhan Mandi Yusuf high school and later went to Daffodil international college. He is nicknamed as the mastermind. He founded the Yeager Digital with his friend Tanjid Ahmed.

Yeager Digital is now a popular name in digital services in Bangladesh. Cost efficiency and measurable approaches are required to reach a targeted audience through digital marketing. Which he applied to one of the best creative digital marketing agency.

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Tanjid Ahmed

Tanjid Ahmed is young man from Bangladesh who literally fits into the saying from zero to hero. Mesbah Uddin, a simple man from Chittagong city of Bangladesh is the father of Ahmed, was a person of little means. Very often Tanjid's family would go to bed fasting. But still Tanjid was much ambitious and had great desire to do something great in his life.

The thing what he most desired was to change the life of his family. He wanted to give all the happiness and comforts to his parents.

And to do this he had to move to Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh to achieve his dream and desire, as soon as he finished his schooling. He started his journey by working as interns in many social media and marketing agencies. Since the beginning he was attracted to the digital world. All these experiences and connection give him a good job which gives him a large variety of clients who ever needed his services for their products and brands. He is a specialist in in content creation engine optimisation and networking. His courage and determination has kept him on top of his business. A talented person like him has a great future ahead.