Tanner Chidester on Fame, Fitness, and Future

The mind and the body are connected together in an unbreakable bond. A fit body is essential for a healthy mind and vice versa. Fitness is not only essential for a great looking physique but also vital to improve one’s overall physical and mental health, prevents diseases, slows down ageing. This is what prompted Tanner Chidester to commit to fitness and keep his body and mind sharp and fit. He made it his goal to help those who wanted to pursue true fitness, therefore creating Tanner Chidester Fitness.

Fitness guru Tanner Chidester was brought up in a conservative Mormon family in Texas. His interest in fitness started quite early as he exhibited his knack for sports before even turning 10, pretty soon he became a linebacker for BYU Cougars. His love for fitness even resulting in him bagging few gigs as a model, which was not only rare, but also quite frowned upon in his community. Despite all odds, Chidester kept going, working hard to build his body and career. He dedicated himself to fitness and soon built himself a reputation as the perfect model and coach, and social media helped spread his name. As his career took off, the Houston born boy went places, inspiring more and more people to follow their dreams, no matter how difficult it seemed.

With his health and fitness venture, Tanner Chidester Fitness, Tanner Chidester has taken on the role of being a fitness coach who helps people get their dream bodies and work towards their goals. His customer base varies from people who are trying to lose extra weight to fitness enthusiasts trying to build muscles. While it is easier to work with the latter, it is often more satisfying to see the progress of the first group; guiding those who are struggling to lose weight, not for modelling or professional fitness, but just to get in shape. “I can help everyone, but there are far more individuals...who need help, but don’t prefer to live a fitness model lifestyle. My angle is just that if I can get shredded to the bone at under 5% body fat then why can’t I help the average person get under 15% body fat?”, says Chidester. While most celebrity fitness trainers prefer clients who are professionally into bodybuilding or at the very least fitness enthusiasts, Chidester takes special pride in helping regular individuals and seeing their progress.

Tanner Chidester promises to help every average individual who comes to him with an aim to lose weight or gain fitness. He is an inspiration that anyone can achieve his or her dream body with just a little bit of determination and hard work. You do not need to be a state-level sportsperson, model or actor to commit to a life of fitness, just do it out of love as and look at it as the key to health, happiness, confidence and so much more!