Tara Sharma: My chat show imparts life lessons without being preachy

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tara sharma

Tara Sharma's chat show is now in its fifth season. (Photo: Tara Sharma/Instagram)

Bollywood actor Tara Sharma became a chat show host with The Tara Sharma Show. Having started it as a diary of a young mother, the show recently launched its fifth season.

After working as a financial consultant, Tara Sharma changed her career track and entered the world of modelling. She made her Bollywood debut with Om Jai Jagdish after getting noticed in an ad with Shah Rukh Khan. In her career span, she has been part of films like Khosla Ka Ghosla, Page 3, Saaya and Masti among more.

In an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com, Tara opened up about the show, her new career as a host and how much she misses acting.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation

What can we expect from the fifth season of The Tara Sharma Show?

We are interacting with inspirational figures who are using their celebrity status to bring about a change. Honestly, we are just trying to make a difference and help make an impact. The show is now in its fifth season and has evolved a lot. I started it as a mother's diary and with time, we brought about larger subjects. It's amazing to have someone like Salman Khan or Jasprit Bumrah to talk about their lives and challenges, it motivates fans to another level. The show basically captures positivity and imparts life lessons without being preachy.

How did it all come about?

It happened when I was pregnant with my first child, that's like more than ten years ago. I really wanted to be with my kid but at the same time, I also wanted to work. That's when I decided to combine all my passions - camera, business and of course, being with my family. My father always told me that never wait for the phone to ring with an offer, create your own thing. I always wanted to have a chat show but didn't know if I could do it. I spoke to my husband who was ready to co-produce it but he told me that I would have to handle everything. Today, everything is about entertainment, and it's difficult to make a non gossipy, non-mirch masala show. But the kind of response we have got is very encouraging. And it's also very overwhelming that big superstars from different fields have readily accepted to be on it.

How do you zero upon the subjects for discussion?

It took me three years to close the business side, and finally it's a big show today. Although the shoot and brainstorming periods are quite short, the show is more about my life experiences over the years. Also, a lot of topics are chosen on the basis of what the audience wants to see. The themes are really important and we always get someone who is relevant to talk about that subject.

You had Shaheen Bhatt on the show to talk about depression. Do you feel celebs speaking about such subjects can help get rid of the taboo around them?

I think mental health is a huge topic, and while more people are talking about it, when big names do that, it allows people to also share. You also get tremendous support when you share. I remember Sonali Bendre had once told me that she started sharing about her journey to heal herself. And she was surprised that people also found help through that. Even Shaheen's book has come as a support to many. Also, this season, we have had kids asking questions, which I feel is an honest and pure approach. This is not a sensational show, and I am happy that our hard work is reaping all the fruits.

When you started it, did you ever imagine it will go on to have five seasons?

Honestly, I didn't expect anything. I have always wanted to create my own thing but never thought about growing it big. I remember nine years back, I had gone to meet my father, and I was so excited that the show had received a good response. We had got an article in the national newspaper and I had a brand call me. It was a big deal for me. However, we are still doing the same thing, and being happy with our little achievements. I am glad that we have managed to run it for so long and hopefully will make it a success. It's rightly said that it takes decades to become an overnight sensation.


Lastly, do you miss acting?

I would definitely love to act more. I did shoot for a film but just before the release, it got stuck. I had a wonderful experience doing it and also got a reality check from it getting held on. When you are not the creator, you have no control over things. Now that I have got the taste of making my own things, I really value that luxury. There's also a flexibility where I can do things while also being there for my family. Whenever there's a good offer, I would be happy doing it.

The Tara Sharma Show airs every Sunday at 11:30 am on Star World, and is also available on the show's YouTube channel.

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