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Wednesday 08, April

You're about to shift focus from work to relationships later in the day. That said, wrap up all of your to-do lists and projects so you can focus on your significant others by the time the evening rolls around. The next few days are all about deepening your connection to the ones you most adore.

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Tuesday 07, April

There is a lot of pressure in the air under today's tense Mars-Uranus square. It's affecting your sign directly and pushing you to break free from your comfort zone. Use this time to focus on how you can push yourself into unexplored but genius territory. Go for something you've never tried before, because there is also a powerful Full Moon in your house of work and health.

Monday 06, April

It's a blurry and rather confusing day compliments of the Moon-Neptune-Mercury aspects. It's excellent for creativity but clarity, not so much. Tap into your visual powers and use your imagination for the good. Don't allow worries, paranoia or fear to get in the way of your inner peace.

Sunday 05, April

The Moon is in Virgo this Sunday, putting you in your own element - this is your sister earth sign. You probably feel a bit more comfortable in your soul and your body at the moment, Taurus, but if you're not there yet, this is a great excuse to seek love, creativity and pleasure.

Saturday 04, April

With expansive Jupiter and powerful Pluto joining up for a rare conjunction in your spirituality zone, this is one of those moments when you might find yourself thinking about some kind of higher power or divine presence - whatever that means for you, Taurus.

Friday 03, April

Your ruling planet enters Gemini today, and she'll be there for a long, long time thanks to an upcoming retrograde. This is good news for your money zone, at least in the near term - when she starts moving backward next month it could get a bit messy.

Thursday 02, April

The Moon moves into Leo late today, so the emotional barrage of the last few days will continue to fade out for now, Taurus. The base of your chart is highlighted for the next few days, so connect to family, your ancestry, and your oldest, deepest roots.

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