Your Taurus Monthly Horoscope for December

Aliza Kelly
Photo credit: Getty/Katie Czerwinski

From Cosmopolitan

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  • December 2: Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith
  • December 12: Organize your finances
  • December 26: Find comfort in the unknown

You are sturdy, reliable, and dedicated, ram babe. In fact, one of the reasons you don’t like changing your mind is because you despise the idea of going back on your word. Broken commitments? Never heard of ‘em. But beginning this month, you’ll begin to realize that loyalty and expansion are not mutually exclusive.

Starting December 2, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, shifts into Capricorn, a like-minded earth sign through December 2020. For you, Taurus darling, this illuminates the area of your chart connected to travel, philosophy, and higher education. The more you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone, the more luck, abundance, and fortune you will find! So if you’ve been on the fence about booking an exciting vacation, enrolling in a new educational program, or even relocating to a different city, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger! Your bravery will be rewarded under this generous sky.

Okay, but…how will you afford to pay for all of these adventures? On December 12, a Full Moon in Gemini highlights the area of your chart connected to finance and you got your mind on money (and, most likely, money on your mind). If you’ve been afraid to check your bank account, this is a great day to take a deep breath and get real about your Benjamins. Make a list of all that you owe (rent, credit card bills, unresolved Venmos) and come up with payment plans. You may not be exactly where you want to be financially, but who is?! Even Kris Jenner is still hustling! Let this lunation inspire you to set monetary goals for the year ahead.

Capricorn season begins on December 21, when the sun dips into like-minded Capricorn. Now that this radiant luminary is occupying Capricorn, you’re feeling all kinds of adventurous, so let your passions be your guide. You’ll be thinking big, so don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons!

One more thing: on December 26, the Sun and Moon will form a dynamic connection in the sky at 4º Capricorn, creating a powerful solar eclipse. Though you may not be able to see it (this particular eclipse will only be visible in parts of India and Southeast Asia), you’ll feel its intense energy. In fact, you may quickly discover that your current realities are no longer satisfying your soul—and that’s totally fine. Eclipses offer a radical shift in perspective, but they also help us get back on track with our destiny. What once served you may no longer apply, so under this electric sky, remember that it’s okay to change your mind.

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