Taylor Swift's first rerecorded album 'Fearless' is now out

Shreya Mukherjee
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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

09 Apr 2021: Taylor Swift's first rerecorded album 'Fearless' is now out

Taylor Swift released her first re-recorded album today, and it's the new version of her second album, Fearless.

Titled Fearless (Taylor's Version), the recent release comes with 26 songs, including six songs "from the vault."

Swift had released two bonus tracks, You All Over Me (in collaboration with Grammy-winning country star Maren Morris) and Mr. Perfectly Fine ahead of the dropping of this album.

Details: Swift included six unreleased songs in the album

Commenting on the bonus tracks, Swift had said, "My version of Fearless will have 26 songs on it because I've decided to add songs from the vault, which are songs that almost made the original Fearless album (sic)."

Apart from dropping two of the six unreleased songs earlier, the singer had also released the new version of her hit track Love Story in February.

Fact: 'It was the night things changed'. Don't miss the picture

Contents: The album comes with 'You Belong With Me', 'White Horse'

The 31-year-old has included songs like You Belong With Me, White Horse, Untouchable, Fearless, Change, Come in with the Rain, Forever & Always (two versions), and The Best Day, among others, in the album.

Notably, Fearless had brought the artist her first Grammy for Album of the Year in 2010, which went on to be the first of her many Grammy hauls.

What happened: Swift's rerecording her first six albums has a solid reason

Today, Swift is the only female solo artist to have won the Recording Academy's coveted prize thrice.

For the unversed, the Exile singer rerecording her first six albums comes in response to her fight with former label, Big Machine Records (BMR) and Ithaca Holdings' ex-head Scooter Braun, over the ownership of her master recordings.

Earlier, she'd spoken against the resale of her master tracks.

Backstory: Originally, BMR had master rights over her albums

Having signed with BMR as a new artist in 2005, her albums' master rights remained with the company.

In 2019, BMR was sold to Braun's Ithaca, a sale that was publicly criticized by Swift.

Braun then sold the masters to another private equity firm, drawing ire from the artist.

Subsequently, Swift announced that she would be recording her albums to solely own her work.