Tea & therapy: Jealous of Sister

Crippled with anxiety

My cousin recently got diagnosed with breast cancer. She is in her early 40’s and discovered the illness by chance. We are first cousins from my mom’s side and this discovery has set in a course of panic in all of us. We all have undergone the required tests for ourselves however, the thought is very crippling for me. Is this worry normal?

I am sorry to hear about your cousin’s health condition. I believe it must have been difficult to come to terms with the reality and also undergo the tests yourself to be assured that there isn’t anything to worry about pertaining to your own health.

You are experiencing the symptoms of anxiety associated with traumatic news which might surface through constant worrying. In order to reduce this crippling anxiety it is important to focus on the available facts, rather than assumed potential threat.

Job in jeopardy

I turned 30 this year and until last month everything was going on track for me. Suddenly few days ago I receive a notice from my boss that due to structural changes they are laying off employees and I maybe a potential candidate for the same.

Since then I have been having meetings with the company heads to avert the situation and they have suggested that I shift my base of work to Noida as they have a replacement post for me there. The job market isn’t that great at the moment and I do need work. I am not sure how to go about this as I feel cornered.

Uncertainty in the work sphere could be quite distressing, since a lot depends on the work satisfaction and the stability that it brings about in your personal life.

Your company is leaving very limited options for you to choose from which do not appear to appease you. You feeling cornered here is quite natural as it’s clear from your company’s side that if you wish to retain your job you must make the move to a different city.

Take some time off to reflect on the options: moving to a different city to retain the job or quitting and waiting to find another job. Once you are clear which out of the two seems doable, you might be in a better position to decide for yourself.

Teacher’s turmoil

Being into the teaching profession for the last 19 years I have gained enough experience to start off my own academic organisation. I laid down a business plan with my husband who is a business developer himself. So far everything was looking upbeat, however when it comes to quoting a fee I freeze. I am not comfortable with money talks. How do I overcome this?

Teaching is considered to be one of the noble professions and thus people do expect a lot out of teachers in terms of not just their expertise, but also them at times being more understanding in matters of money.

Your reluctance to quote a fee or do the money talks requires some evaluation as its important to know where is it stemming from. Once the cause is known it might get easier for you to figure a way around such conversations and not be so inhibited.

Alternatively, you can seek your husband’s help here and sit through few conversations where money is discussed in order to learn the ropes.

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