Teachers’ Day 2019: 5 lesser known Student-Teacher ‘Jodis’ of Bollywood

While being starstruck is not new to fans by their idols and mentors, it is also not uncommon among actors. Many debutantes and young talent are often seen inspired by veteran actors and inspired by their style of work. On this teachers’ day let’s take a look at the actors who got a chance to work with their mentors on screen or were honored to recreate their work.

Tiger Shroff is known to have been a fan of Hrithik Roshan since his debut. The actor during numerous interviews has talked about how much Hrithik has inspired his dance and action persona. He finally got the chance to work with Roshan for the upcoming action thriller WAR. Tiger in the film’s trailer itself can also be seen saying, ‘whatever I have learned it is from you’.

Ranveer Singh has been vocal about idolizing from Anil Kapoor. During an interview Ranveer revealed he is inspired by Anil Kapoor’s intensely emotional persona. He got the chance to work with Anil Kapoor and play is son in the 2015 release ‘Dil Dhadak Ne Do’. Ranveer when talking about Anil once said, “He goes about every movie like it’s his first film, he isn’t blasé or jaded about it. He’s not being overconfident. He’s hungry and wanting to do better. He’s all heart. I want to be that way."

Madhuri Dixit returned to the earlier fame as soon has she made a comeback in the film industry a while ago. The Dhak Dhak Girl recently paired up with Alia Bhatt in a dance number for Karan Johar’s production. Alia who dances in presence of Madhuri Dixit for the film during promotional interviews said, she was extremely nervous to perform in front of the legendary dancer.

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Shah Rukh Khan over the years has openly admitted to idolizing thespian Dilip Kumar. Their bond over the years became so strong, Dilip Saab began to consider him as a son. While they didn’t get a chance to work together on screen, SRK stepped into Kumar’s shoes as he reprised his role in the tragic romance ‘Devdas’.

Aamir Khan collaborated with the veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan for the 2018 release ‘Thugs of Hindostan’. During films’ promotion he went on to say he was very excited to work with the actor and couldn’t believe his eyes when they when met on the film’s set for the first time.

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