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Sankalpita Singh, BookTuber

The most important thing that my 3-year-old daughter has taught me is to always be inquisitive. Once, I showed her the neighborhood canal and told her that it’s called “nahar” in Hindi. Immediately a question came my way – “Why is it called so, mumma?” I didn’t have an answer. On looking it up, I learned that the roots are actually Arabic as well as Urdu. Also, that Naharu or Nehru is someone who lives near a canal or a river. So much information only because the little one managed to ignite that curiosity in my mind. This is just one such example. My little one’s obstinate obsession with questions helps me in becoming an informed individual, and I can’t thank her enough for so.

This Teacher's Day, meet mothers who thank their little ones for teaching them some great life lessons

Knowledge, regardless of its source, is a treasurable gift that enriches one as a person, and never fails to add that extra dimension to one’s personality.

We often miss to recognize the unconventional sources of knowledge, but these mothers have identified the gurus in their little ones, and on this Teacher’ Day, they extend their gratitude towards their unusual teachers for unfailing lessons in life and wisdom.