These teachers are wacky, which is why we love them

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These teachers are wacky, which is why we love them
These teachers are wacky, which is why we love them

26 May 2021: These teachers are wacky, which is why we love them

The word 'teacher' is associated with wisdom, and the person shouldering that role has a lot of responsibility in shaping our views about life. But not all are same. Some are wacky, and do not always follow the conventional route. While our parents might hate these types, we feel closer to them because of those buddy vibes. And, these on-screen teachers prove that point.

Teacher #1: Professor from 'Money Heist': The sweet, somber (badass) mastermind

Professor (Alvaro Morte) from Netflix's Spanish series Money Heist is that dreamy professor everyone is secretly crushing on. He is brilliant, sharp, but at the same time, sweet and somber. Almost single-handedly planning one of the biggest heists in the history of his country, this criminal mastermind still remains lovable. He predicts, plans, but also makes slip-ups, reminding us that he's also human.

Teacher #2: Walter White from 'Breaking Bad': Chemistry teacher to meth dealer

Walter White, a high-school chemistry teacher, turns to crime after he gets diagnosed with cancer. But boy, the transformation from Walter to Heisenberg (his alter ego) is nothing you can imagine. The docile, meek school teacher becomes a feared meth dealer and a certified badass. He teams up with former student Jesse (Aaron Paul), and the duo gives us some serious friendship goals.

Teacher #3: Elizabeth from 'Bad Teacher': Cameron Diaz steals the show

When the whole premise is based on the fact that a more-crazy-than-sane teacher wants to get a breast enlargement, wackiness is bound to ensue. Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) is that teacher, who is fully capable to give you nightmares of all kinds. She doesn't give a damn about the students and will make you feel thankful even for your worst teacher. Yes, that bad!

Teacher #4: Master Pillai from 'Padosan': Mehmood is a laugh riot

The OG of Indian comedy, Mehmood as Masterji or Master Pillai, is as wacky as they come in the 1968 movie Padosan. He plays a music teacher to Bindu (Saira Banu), for whom he also has the softest corner. The singing battle with Bhola (Sunil Dutt) and Vidyapathi (Kishore Kumar) in the song Ek Chatur Naar will remain an iconic sequence, forever.

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