TEAM LAST PAGE is about to Taste “The PLATEful of success”

Brand Voice
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Gone are those days when the creative field was looked down and considered to be a time pass rather than being a career option. The advent of social media has inculcated the trend of consuming videos even among the non-millennials and hence the content creation and video production is now being widely recognised as a viable career option.

But before this era arrived and before this opinion was popular. Some creators hustled it out and Shubham Kumar is one of them. The guy from Yamuna Nagar who has given Chandigarh one of the finest film production house in the form of TEAM LAST PAGE.

Ever since its inception, Team Last Page has been directing quality videos, short films, music videos and documentaries. In a short span of time Team Last Page has directed over 130 quality music videos along with many ad films, short films, web series that have been a massive success. Not only this next in queue are some more web series and a feature film about which SK is very excited. He even plans on expanding the team.

But don’t get fooled by the name of the company. Team Last Page isn’t a team as such. It’s a one man show run by the owner Shubham Kumar. However as per Shubham he will soon expand the setup and Team Last Page will truly reflect its name.

But so far despite running a one man show the journey has been exciting for Shubham. He recalls all the sleepless night that led to quality production work. He has recently shot a video with Inder Chahal and Karan Aujla and is extremely excited for his next release “The Plate”

Shubham Says, ” If I have to cherry pick one work of mine to show case to the world it has to be the Plate.” Shubham’s excitement is understandable. He is the writer, director, production designer, dialogue writer plus screen play writer of “The Plate.” During the shoot he went sleepless for 3 straight days to give his best shot at limited resources and if he is to be believed this 50 minutes movie will surely be one of the better things you will be watching this year.

The plate is produced by Mild Pictures (Mr. Tarun Kumar) and technically helped by SD studios. This movie will be a memory tribute to Mr. Jella and will be releasing Soon on social media handles and youtube. To stay updated about The plate and other works of SK do follow Team Last Page on their social media handles.