How Technology Has Changed the Millennial’s Lifestyle in the Last Decade


Technology has truly solidified its presence within all aspects of millennial’s life. We’ve seen amazing tools and resources created, and useful information put at our fingertips. Considering the past decade, the trend seems to be on an accelerated path of integration. How individuals interact and engage with people has changed, big data has become valuable than gold, critical and essential components of society are run using highly advanced technology. Openly put, technology has immensely transformed how millennials think, interact, conduct business and move around.

Going by the remarkable strides of technological achievements seen in the last decade, studies predict that the whole world will be automated by 2030. A keen look at the various ways technology has changed the millennial’s lifestyle in the last decade could give us an insight of what to expect in the future.

Conducting Business

Today, any serious business is expected to be online. Studies even show that there are more business transactions online than there are physical. Millennials have grown fully dependent on their phones for shopping, digital marketing, sending emails and much more. Technology has completely changed how we pay bills and transfer money. You don’t have to enter a bank or business premise to transact money. A simple smart gadget in the palms of your hands enables you to market or solicit for goods and services, gain information from potential customers, and even have the goods delivered to them.

Careers and Smart Education

Half a century back, would you think of students attending classes online and legally attaining their degrees? In the past decade, we’ve seen burgeoning reliance on smart gadgets to receive assignments, work on them, seek assistance online, and hand them over in time. Thousands of instructors or tutors are earning their livelihood online. There is just less use of paper than there was ten years ago. Career wise, several organizations and platforms are touching on the lives of students and professionals alike. In this current age, you’re more likely to land job interviews with a more refined resume. Websites like The Ladders are expressing their online presence with effective developments of resumes. The hundreds of Ladders resume examples serve as individuals’ professional advertisement based on their interests or professions.

Smart Driving

Driving has seen remarkable evolution over the last 10 years, and in impressive ways. Millennials have increasingly embraced automated cars that require less manual input. Driverless Technology sprung up with Google introducing its first autonomous car that covered 2 million miles under computer control, and impressively without a single accident. It’s even harder forgetting the year 2014 that saw a prototype of a driverless car developed. The car was without a steering wheel, gas or brake pedal, thus rendered 100% autonomous.

Social Media

Social media defined the last decade and still seems capable of influencing several more years to come. From finding new friends, sharing unique ideas, influencing behavior, and much more enticing business exchanges, social media presence has been ubiquitous. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Skype have become household names. Even if you don’t use either of these sites, millennials have made them part of their lifestyle, and they’re not going away any time soon. The platforms have proved efficient in delivering messages and useful information regardless of your location around the globe. They’re even turning into huge marketing platforms.

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