Teen arrested for adding 'threatening' caption to friend's Snapchat video

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Police in California arrested a 16-year-old for adding a threatening caption to a friend’s Snapchat video that depicted BB guns and a pellet rifle.

On Tuesday evening, deputies with the Butte County Sheriff's Office in Oroville received multiple reports concerning a Snapchat video which appeared to feature a hunting-style rifle with a scope, an MP40 submachine gun, and a semiautomatic pistol on a bed. According to a press release from the sheriff’s office, no audible threat was made, but a caption at the bottom read, "[S***] if you go to Lp better get ready to jet #schoolshooter."

"Lp," according to the release, is believed to have stood for Las Plumas High School (LPHS) in Oroville.

At midnight, deputies visited a former LPHS student's house, where he informed them that the weapons in the video were BB guns and a pellet gun, which police confirmed.

The former student said that he had sent the Snapchat video to a 16-year-old, a current student at the school, bragging about his pellet rifle and BB guns. However, he claims he did not include the threatening caption.

"Deputies contacted the 16-year-old LPHS student and interviewed him about the video," the release states. "The juvenile told Deputies he put the threatening caption on the original video and shared it on Snapchat as a joke."

The teenager confirmed that he did not intend to shoot anyone, and "he was remorseful about his actions."

The 16-year-old, whose name is being withheld due to his age, was arrested for terrorist threats and booked at the Butte County Juvenile Hall.

While Butte County Sheriff's Office does not believe "there [was] a credible or imminent threat to any local schools," school resource deputies were on campus Tuesday to "alleviate any concerns."

Representatives of Las Plumas High School did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment.

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