Shocking! Teen sold kidney 8 years ago to buy iPhone; now needs lifelong daily dialysis

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Kidney for an Iphone?
Kidney for an Iphone?

According to The Huffington Post, in April 2011, Wang Shangkun's mother discovered that her then 17-year-old son had sold his kidney and had bought an iPad and iPhone with the money. Now 18, Wang suffers from a decreased level of kidney function.

In fact, the (at the time) teen was so weak that he was unable to confront the alleged organ harvesters in court.

Desperate to own Apple products, the now 27-year-old man went online to look for black market opportunities to get money.

It was then that he was contacted by the alleged organ harvester in a chat room, who promised that a single kidney would make him richer by 20,000 (Yuan) or about $3000.

“Why do I need a second kidney?” Wang is known to have said at the time, in a report in the The Epoch Times. “One is enough."

Wang then went ahead with the agreement and had illegal surgery done on himself, to remove his right kidney, for which he got about $3500. With the money, he bought himself an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4. Being from a modest family, his mother was immediately suspicious to see him with such expensive tech.

She then forced him to tell her what happened.

Today, sadly, the young man suffers from renal deficiency and is forced to “wear” a dialysis machine at all times.

Vice also reports that the Wang is possibly bedridden for life as well. According to the report, within months, Wang developed an infection in his remaining kidney—with the unsanitary location of the operation and the lack of post-operative care thought to be the cause—and ultimately suffered organ failure. Now his condition is so severe that he’s been rendered bedridden, and requires daily dialysis to clear his blood of the toxins that his remaining kidney can no longer handle.

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