Teen with Down syndrome challenges groom to dance battle at wedding

Sam Ferrell, 15, challenged the groom to an epic dance battle this weekend. The heartwarming moment was captured on video. (Photo: Matt Ferrell)

A teenage boy with Down syndrome stole the show at a family friend's wedding on Sunday when he challenged the groom to a dance battle.

Sam Ferrell, 15, and the bride, Tori Bowyer Serrato, share a strong bond. In fact, Tori, who was Sam's babysitter, knew that her wedding wouldn't be as special if he weren't there.

"Sam immediately hit it off with Tori," Sam's dad, Matt, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “They would play video games, and my wife and I would make excuses to go out so Tori could come over. Tori would come over on her own, whenever she could. Obviously, a 19-, 20-year-old has a busy life, but she would actually find time to come over and to take Sam out."

Sam Ferrell dances with his friend, the bride Tori Bowyer Serrato, at her wedding on Sunday. (Photo: Matt Ferrell)

When Tori became engaged to her husband, Nick Serrato, an L.A. police officer, she knew she wanted Sam to be a part of the celebration.

"[Tori] gave Sam a card that said, 'I’m getting married and I can’t see myself doing this big day without you. Would you be part of my wedding?'" Matt says. "It made my wife cry, but Sam, at that point thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to marry Tori.’"

During the year leading up to the wedding, Sam had some animosity toward Tori’s fiancé Nick.

“I don’t like Nick. I’m marrying Tori," he would tell his family.

But that changed when Sam met Nick at the wedding rehearsal, the day before the wedding.

Nick Serrato made sure that Sam Ferrell was involved in everything the groomsmen were doing, and even gave him the same gifts as the groomsmen, minus the flask. (Photo: Matt Ferrell)

"Nick was super gracious. He made [Sam] a part of everything," Matt shares. "On the day of the wedding, all of his groomsmen were playing poker, hanging out and doing the things you do when you’re getting ready. They all welcomed Sam in.”

Matt said that Nick even gave Sam the same gifts he gave his groomsmen, minus the flask.

“He made him a part of everything,” Matt says.

Despite their newfound friendship, and Sam finally accepting that Tori was marrying Nick, the gloves came off on the dance floor.

As Young MC's "Bust a Move" played, Sam and Nick faced off in an impromptu dance battle, much to the delight of all the guests.

"They looked like they had it rehearsed, like they’ve been rehearsing for months," Matt says. "My cheeks hurt from smiling."

Sam Ferrell with his father, Matt. (Photo: Matt Ferrell)

Sam, undoubtedly, earned the title of "life of the party,” and declared himself the winner of the dance battle.

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