Teenager wears her mum’s 1998 wedding dress to prom to save money

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
Grace Jeyes borrowed her mother's 20-year-old dress for prom [Photo: Caters]

From cycling shorts to slip dresses, the ‘90s continue to inspire the street style set this season and one teenager found the ultimate purse-friendly way to tackle the trend at prom.

Grace Jeyes from Leicester decided against spending money on a new frock and instead, borrowed her mum’s 21-year-old wedding dress for the big day.

When the 18-year-old stumbled across her mother’s gown from 1998, she instantly “fell in love with it” and was pleased to find that it fit perfectly.

The cream dress featured an embroidered bodice and sheer cap sleeves with dainty buttons down the front. To bring the look into 2019, Jeyes opted for clashing red platforms with a co-ordinating clutch and lip.

Grace photographer with her father, David, on the day of prom [Photo: Caters]

To make prom a touching moment for her family, she decided to keep the dress a surprise until the night before.

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“My mum didn't even know until the eve of the prom and when she saw me in it, she was so happy,” Jeyes revealed. “The dress means so much to her which made it even more special for me.”

Grace's mum and dad on their wedding day back in 1998 [Photo: Caters]

Her mother, Dawn, was left “shocked and extremely flattered” when she first saw her daughter in the sentimental garment.

“Grace told me she already had a prom dress and didn’t want to shop for another one,” her mum said. “I assumed it was going to be one of her many dresses in her wardrobe, so when she came down in my wedding dress, I was so shocked.”

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“I was extremely flattered and felt like I must have decent dress sense for her to wear it 20 years later,” she continued. “She has always liked my wedding dress, but I didn’t think she would ever wear it out.”

Her mother photographed in the sentimental gown her wedding day [Photo: Caters]

The dress proved a hit on the day too, as the teen’s classmates all gave the look a thumbs up.

“My friends and teachers were all complimenting me on my dress as it was different from the rest but nobody believed it was once a wedding dress,” Jeyes added.

Borrowing from her mum’s wardrobe also means that she can now put the money she’s saved towards driving lessons.

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