Teeth Health and Cardiovascular Diseases

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February is Heart Awareness Month and unfortunately most people do not know about a connection between oral health and cardiovascular functioning. According to new researches, there is a surprising relation between teeth hygiene and cardiovascular health.

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Theories behind connection:

Several theories can explain this connection:

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1) Certain bacteria can affect your teeth and gums and cause diseases as periodontitis and gingivitis. From the oral cavity, these bacteria can also travel down the blood vessels and circulatory system.

Inside the blood vessels, these bacteria can accumulate, cause inflammation, and obstruct blood flow. In a few cases, scientists saw oral bacteria's remains in atherosclerotic vessels, which support this theory.

2) The second theory says that the body’s immune response can act against the body cells in case of infections. This mechanism can set off a series of vascular damage throughout your body, affecting the heart.

3) The third theory states no direct connection between two sources. Rather, this theory focuses on a secondary factor or third-factor as smoking between them.

Smoking is a vital risk factor for both oral and cardiovascular health.

This theory also states other cofactors as:

  • Poor health accessibility

  • Lack of physical exercise

  • Lack of holistic body health approach

  • Bad eating habits

A few theories support the direct connection between oral health and cardiovascular disease, while others go against it. There is proof of a connection between oral health and rheumatoid arthritis in some other shreds of evidence.

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Whether you find a direct connection or not, you have to maintain your oral hygiene. A healthy oral cavity, teeth, and mouth can keep you away from several health problems. If you only focus on oral hygiene for oral health, it will be enough to ward-off other complications. You can maintain this hygiene through regular dental care and avoidance of risk factors like smoking and alcohol.

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