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Sohail Khan

We have shared laughs with Sohail Khan on many seasons of Comedy Circus. This was the very show that put Kapil Sharma's career in motion. But don't think that it didn't do much for the judge as Sohail took home a cheque of 7 lakhs for every episode spent laughing at the sets of the comedy show.

These television judges are making a killing - want to know how much?

Many of you share the opinion that a celeb turn a television judge when he (or she) runs out of work. Well, we have news for you.

Our television judges, make way more than many active celebs, they get to pocket fat envelopes, showered with numerous perks, and most importantly, they get to make or mar people’s careers.

Swipe left to know how rich, as per sources, are these celeb judges getting by the hour.