Tell us: have you remarried your partner after divorcing them?

Guardian readers and Ashley Chalmers
Photograph: nicolamargaret/Getty Images

Are you a believer in second chances? Getting back with a previous lover can often be viewed as a no-go post break-up and whilst remaining friends with an ex can be possible, it’s not always the easiest of moves. So can re-marrying an ex-spouse work?

If you and your partner have married, divorced and then married each other again, we want to hear from you. Did you think it could be possible? Did factors such as timing and self-improvement help your decision to re-marry?

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Why did the marriage break up initially, and what brought you back together again? How have things changed for you, and perhaps your family? Tell us your stories in the form below – one of our journalists may contact you to find out more about your experiences, and we will feature some of the best contributions.

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