Facial beauty is not important: Laxmi Agarwal

In an inspiring Ted talk event, acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal speaks about the horrific day she was attacked in New Delhi. Recalling that chapter of her life, Agarwal reveals how she turned the life-altering event into a narrative of triumph.

Acid attack survivors are not victims but actual fighters: Laxmi Agarwal


While recalling that chapter of her life, Agarwal talks about how that incident changed her life and turned it into a narrative of triumph today.

Laxmi, who had the persona of a girl-next-door and millions of dreams in her eyes, especially to become a singer, felt shattered when she was attacked in 2005 by a man who was pursuing her for marriage, at Delhi's Khan Market. "Acid attack survivors are not victims but actual fighters. He threw acid on my face, not on my dreams," she remarks. In 2006, she filed a PIL on punishments against perpetrators of acid violence and regulation on the sale of acid in India.

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In 2013, the judgement ruled in her favour and the amendments to the Constitution were framed as the Laxmi Act. Since then, she has continued her journey to eradicate acid violence in India. After being awarded the International Women of Courage by the then First Lady of US Mrs Michelle Obama, today she is the face of all unprivileged women acid attack survivors in India.