Tenali Rama's Krishna Bhardwaj: 'I Was Scared That My Hair Will Never Come Back Due To Excessive Shaving'- EXCLUSIVE

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Actor Krishna Bhardwaj, who is essaying the title role in Tenali Rama, dressed up in a certain way for the role. A lot of actors have gone bald for several roles in the past. Tenali Rama was also one such character for which, Krishna had to shave his head almost everyday. 

Till the time the shoot of the show was on, Krishna followed the pattern of shaving his head regularly and never opted for prosthetic makeup as he didn't want to compromise on the authenticity of the character. But this lockdown period has finally gave him a chance to grow his hair and have a new look. And the actor is extremely happy about it.

Talking to us exclusively about the same, Krishna said, "I was really scared that my hair will not grow back because of excessive shaving. If you shave your head everyday, it's an unnatural thing to do to your hair growth. I always had that fear in my mind that I may lose my hair permanently. Whenever I entered my makeup room during the shoots, a barber was always waiting for me. So, this lockdown has somewhat turned out to be a good thing for my hair. Also, I rested well and I had a chance to grow my hair again and thankfully it is coming back as good as it was before."



However, Krishna is well-aware that once the shoot starts, he may have to go bald again. "I know when the shoot will resume, I will have to shave it off once again. But no worries, at least now I know that they are intact and will come back when I want. And honestly, from the last 10-15 days, I have started missing going on the sets and facing the camera.," added Krishna.

The actor has also been part of many TV shows like Bahu Hamari Rajnikant, Piya Basanti Re, R K Laxman Ki Duniya and Sukh By Chance.

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