Terminator Dark Fate: Exciting Action Adventure

Film:Terminator Dark Fate

Starring: Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Director: Tim Miller

Rating: * * * *

Edge of the seat entertainment is what the viewer gets in Terminator Dark Fate which reunites the stars of James Cameron's high-concept sci fi franchise, Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, in an exciting new action-adventure that takes off where Terminator 2: Judgment Day exploded 28 years ago.

Yes, they're back ( Arnie made that promise in exactly those words if you remember) and yes, there's

never a dull moment in this adrenaline-fuelled narrative which has the iconic cyborg assassin turned saviour, helping three women who are more than capable of looking after themselves, but everyone could get by with some help from friends, haan?

The sixth film in the franchise omits all of the awful stuff that transpired between chapters three and five, affecting Sarah Connor (Hamilton) and the Terminator (Schwarzenegger) while they strove to avert Doomsday from the machinations of the malevolent Skynet.

Now, in the film under review, another AI menace called Legion has overrun the world and the prevention of Armageddon now rests with a young Mexican factory hand named Dani. ( Natalia Reyes )

The story gets going, after a prologue, in Mexico City circa 2020,where we meet the humble factory worker who evolves into a latter-day Joan of Arc to lead humanity against oppressors. As in the Cameron original, an unstopppable deadly Terminator ( Gabriel Luna, menacing) is sent back from the future to kill Dani, the super-soldier Grace (Mackenzie Davis) despatched by the Resistance in the future and anyone else who stands in its way, notably the psychologically wounded Sarah, subverting the Mother Mary trope, to do what she does best.

It is through these three women and a man, sorry, reformed cyborg, that director Tim ( Deadpool) Miller and the screenwriters stress the importance of Choice over Fate in conversations juxtaposed with thrilling, adrenaline charged chases and well-choreographed fight sequences.

While I was waiting for Arnie to show up, I clapped when Hamilton’s Sarah Connor did, grey-haired, sarcastic, armed and dangerous. Schwarzenegger at 72, is as watchable as Sylvester Stallone in his latest Rambo outing. Shall I say all's well that ends well when he does? Sadly, the future is dystopian. So, it would be great if the New Testament Infancy narrative was reimagined once more by Cameron or Miller for Arnie's Second Coming.