Tesla Unveils Cybertruck, Elon Musk Faces Embarrassing Moment As Two Windows Break During Demo; Watch Video

Team Latestly

Tesla on Friday unveiled their "Cybertruck" pickup truck at an event in Los Angeles and met with an embarrassing moment during the presentation ceremony. The truck's windows were smashed during a demonstration which was supposed to highlight how hard the glasses were. According to a Tech Crunch report, the incident happened when Elon Musk asked an on-stage companion to demonstrate the strength of the Tesla “Armor Glass” by throwing a solid metal, baseball-sized ball at the driver side window.

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The stunt backfired and the window cracked. Musk then asked the person to test the window on the passenger side - and again the window broke. Musk was heard saying "Room for improvement." Tesla Model S Explodes in China: Electric Car Burst Into Flames in Parking Lot; Investigation Underway (Watch Viral Video).

Check the video here:

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Twitterati making fun of the design

Here is another user tweeting about how Musk arrived at the design:

The hashtag #Cybertruck was trending on Twitter and people were having a gala time on the internet making fun of the embarrassing moment that took place on the stage. The design of the expensive car was also not appreciated and people posted memes on twitter.