Tesla Model X Electric SUV Crashes with Nissan GT-R Supercar, Splits Into Half - Watch Video

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In a car accident that occurred at the intersection of Hallandale Beach Boulevard and Three Islands Boulevard in Florida, a Tesla X got split in two parts after a white Nissan GT-R rammed into it. As per a report, the person driving the Tesla X had minor injuries while those in Nissan GT-R were rushed to the hospital. The driver of Tesla X, who has been identified as Jose Diaz, was seen thanking his stars after the accident in which he had sustained a minor injury on one of his legs.

The report asserts that the two people in Nissan GT-R were rushed to the hospital as one of them had injuries while the other was a trauma patient. The officials said that Nissan was speeding down Hallandale Beach Boulevard when it ran a red light and slammed into the Tesla.

According to Diaz, the Nissan car was coming at such a high speed that he was unable to see it, and just felt the bang after the vehicle hit his car.

Meanwhile, an eye witness, identified as Ronnie Gnesin, stated that the car, which hit Tesla X was moving as if it was flying. Moments later, the back wheels of the Tesla X were seen flying in another direction.