Testing key to contain COVID-19 second wave: Modi tells CMs

Siddhant Pandey
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Testing key to contain COVID-19 second wave: Modi tells CMs
Testing key to contain COVID-19 second wave: Modi tells CMs

08 Apr 2021: Testing key to contain COVID-19 second wave: Modi tells CMs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday chaired a meeting with Chief Ministers to review the COVID-19 situation in India.

During the meeting, Modi urged the CMs to control the ongoing second wave of COVID-19, noting that people had become complacent. Modi asked the CMs to step up testing, tracking, and treatment for infections.

This is the PM's second interaction with CMs in a month.

Details: 'Need to fight second surge in cases'

Modi told CMs, "A challenging situation is emerging again. I request you all to give your suggestions to tackle the COVID-19 situation."

"We need to fight the second surge in cases," he said, adding that the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, and Punjab have crossed the first peak already.

Modi said people have become complacent and state administrations have also become relaxed.

Quote: Need to work on war footing again: Modi

"India has crossed the peak of the first wave and the growth rate is much faster than before," Modi said. "There is a need to work on war footing again to fight COVID-19. Despite all the challenges, we have better experience, resources, and vaccines."

He added, "We raised the issue of mortality rate, we have to make sure it remains as low as possible."

Fact: 'Let number of infections get high, test more'

Modi stressed the importance of testing, adding that the target of 70% RT-PCR tests should be maintained. "Let the number of positive cases be high, but do maximum testing," he said. "COVID-19 tracing and tracking is the way to curb the spread of COVID-19 infection."

Measures: 'Tika divas' can be observed from April 11-14: Modi

Modi said authorities should focus on micro-containment zones.

"In places where night curfew has been imposed, I would urge to use the word 'Corona Curfew' to continue alertness about coronavirus," he suggested, adding that the curfew should last from 9/10 pm till 5/6 am.

"11th to 14th April can be observed as 'Tika (vaccination) Utsav' for COVID-19 vaccination," he added.

Quote: 'Need to raise awareness about masks again'

Modi said, "Today, the problem is that we have forgotten about COVID-19 testing and have moved to vaccination. We have to remember that we had won the fight against COVID-19 without a vaccine. We have to emphasize on testing."

"Once again we need to raise awareness about the importance of wearing a mask and following COVID-19 safety protocols," he added.

Maharashtra: 'Keeping vaccines in 1 state not a solution'

In an apparent reference to Maharashtra's demands for more vaccine doses amid a shortage, Modi said, "We need to prioritize (vaccine distribution) with what we have. We will not get the result by keeping vaccines in one state."

"It is not right to think in this way. We have to manage by thinking about the country," he added.