Thank You Jungkook, Trends On Twitter As ARMYs Can’t Help But Fawn Over The BTS Golden Maknae

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BTS Jungkook granted ARMY’s wish and dropped a handsome selfie of himself showing off his blonde hair, adorable pout, and mirror Selfie which has stolen the spotlight.

It was during the 35th Golden Disc Awards show, Jungkook surprise fans with his blonde hair which instantly became a trending topic on Twitter than the award show. Since then fans were awaited for the golden maknae to drop his Selca (Korean slang word for a selfie) while showing off his new hair colour.

In the photo wore a white tee and a black winter coat while a silver dangling hoop earring completed his uber-cool attire with his signature style intact.

ARMY’s are feeling that Jungkook surprisingly blessed their Twitter timeline with a handsome selfie of himself chilling on a bed.