Say goodbye to tepid beverages: Hands-on review of this double-walled, ice-free drinking glass

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Chill out with these glasses! (Photo: The Grommet)

You know that feeling when you want to drink a cold beer or chilled whiskey, but the alcohol you just purchased has yet to reach peak coldness. It’s very frustrating to wait for more than an hour for beer to get cold, while putting ice cubes in your beer is just not an option.

Enter the Chill Glass from THAT! Inventions. It’s a special double-walled drinking glass that keeps your beverages nicely chilled for up to an hour-and-a-half without any ice cubes.

The glass stays cold thanks to thermal liquid that’s placed between the double-walled layers, which also prevents the glass itself from breaking or cracking when left in the freezer for days and even months at a time.

The Chill Glass ($20-$25 on The Grommet) features a clever design that also prevents your tasty beverage from being watered down due to condensation. The base and sleeve of the glass are made from hollowed out cork, which absorbs the moisture from the cold when it’s left out at room temperature.

The cork can also be used as a coaster, so the glass won’t leave unsightly rings on your coffee table — as well as a koozie, so your hands don’t get cold or transfer heat to your frosty beer or chilled whiskey.

Keep your whiskey and beer chilled without ice cubes. (Photo: The Grommet)

Let’s meet the glass

The glass itself comes in a very well-packaged box with two Styrofoam pieces on either side of it to prevent the glass from breaking. I actually dropped it off my desk a few times just to test the box’s durability and to my surprise the glass inside didn’t break.

The glass is very stylish and something you’d use on a daily basis, while the cork bottom is really tight around the glass. It takes a lot of pulling to try to detach the glass from the cork, unlike the product images suggests. However, after some time and some elbow grease, the cork eventually detached. It was much easier to put the two parts together than it was to take it apart.

Meanwhile, the glass has a good weight to it and feels premium in the hand. It will break if you drop it, of course, so don’t think it’s shatterproof just because it feels like high-end drinkware. It’s made from glass after all.

When you pick up the Chill Glass, you can easily see the cooling fluid within its double-wall. The glass is thick enough, so the fluid won’t leak into your beer or beverage of choice. The cooling fluid is the main component why a beverage inside would get so cold, so fast. It also helps the glass not break while in the freezer for days on end.

Putting it to use

I placed the Chill Glass in the employee refrigerator/freezer at the office and waited three hours before using, as its instructions recommend. I placed the glass upside down to freeze for the best results.

A few hours later, the Chill Glass came out of the freezer perfectly cold and chilled. The cork bottom served as a way to grip the glass without getting it warm from your hands, while it also soaked up any condensation and moisture from the cold.

We don’t have any beer or whiskey at the office (although both would make the day go by faster), so I bought a warm can of Coca-Cola from a drugstore and waited for the Chill Glass to cool down in the freezer. Now with a very tepid can of soda and the Chill Glass straight out of the cold, let’s see how they hold up together.

THAT! Inventions double-walled Chilling Glass for whiskey and beer

This Chill Glass is very well packaged, so it won't break if you drop it. (Photo: The Grommet)

Shop it: $20-$25,

The results

Pouring the soda into the Chill Glass was very easy with no spillage. The Coca-Cola instantly chilled. It was quite refreshing. The glass kept its cold during the 20 minutes I drank the soda, while it was still cool to the touch an hour later after I left it on my desk. The Coke didn’t taste watered down or tepid, but instead perfectly chilled as if it came straight out of a cooler.

It was very impressive that the Chill Glass remained cold for another hour, even after I finished the soda. The glass most likely could’ve handled another soda, if I had one on hand.

In addition, clean up was easy too. Just wash it in a kitchen sink with soap and water and air dry on a dish rack. Before placing it back in the freezer to get cold again, make sure the Chill Glass is completely dry. Otherwise the moisture could freeze and could add to potential condensation.

Bottom line

If you’re looking for an easy solution to get tepid beer ice cold quickly, then the Chill Glass might be a good fit for you. It’s something that you can just leave in your freezer and only take it out whenever you need a quick and cold beer. It even chills whiskey faster than ice without the watered down taste of melting ice.

Even if you’re not a beer or whiskey drinker, the Chill Glass is suitable for soda pop and juice. Trust us, this glass won’t leave you with a lukewarm feeling.

Shop it: THAT! Inventions double-walled Chilling Glass for whiskey and beer, $20-$25,

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