The best and worst UK cities for renters

London is the most expensive city for renters, with tenants paying out 64% of their average monthly salary. (Getty)

Plymouth has been revealed as the most renter-friendly city in the UK, according to a study.

Renters in Plymouth spend an average of just 32% of their salary on rent and the city also has the lowest unemployment rate at 2.8%, and crime rate out of the 30 cities analysed in the research by home specialists Insulation Express.

The analysis considered several factors including the average salary spend on rent, the number of tenant evictions, private rented properties rate, annual rental price rises, unemployment rate, and crime rate to discover the best and worst UK cities for renters.

Edinburgh closely follows Plymouth at number two on the list of best cities for renters. Renters in Edinburgh have plenty of choice with 133 private rented properties per 1,000 of the population. Although people in the Scottish capital spend an average 39% of their income on rent, they are not likely to see any rental price hikes, as rents rose by just 0.6% last year. 

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The third best city for renters was Cardiff, followed by Southampton and Glasgow which tied at number four in the ranking.

Luton is the worst UK city for renters, with the highest number of private tenant evictions at 22 evictions per 1,000 private rented properties. Rent prices in Luton stand at 41% of the average wage and renting fees have risen substantially over the last year, going up by 1.5%.

Renters in London face the most crippling prices with tenants in the capital paying out 64% of their monthly income on rent.

Prices in Reading and Bristol also put significant financial strain on tenants with renters spending 49% and 42% respectively of their average monthly wages on rent.

Derby is the most affordable city for renters with just 22% of the average salary spent on rent.

Northern city Sunderland is the second cheapest, requiring 23% of renters’ salaries and Stoke-on-Trent comes in third.

Belfast has seen the highest rent increases, with prices rising by 2.2% over the past year.

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Best UK cities for renters:

  1. Plymouth

  2. Edinburgh

  3. Cardiff

  4. Glasgow and Southampton

  5. Leeds and Swansea

  6. London

  7. Derby and Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Worst UK cities for renters:

  1. Luton

  2. Leicester

  3. Reading

  4. Manchester

  5. Newport, Nottingham, and Belfast

  6. Preston

  7. Wolverhampton and Northampton