The best buy-to-let and buy-to-live locations in the UK

Investing in property remains a lucrative business. Photo: Yui Mok/PA

North Devon is the best place to invest in buy-to-live property in the UK, while Glasgow is the top spot for buy-to-let, a study shows.

Data from lettings platform Howsy has revealed which areas have seen the best house price growth over the last year, highest rental yields, and where is the best option for a mix of both when investing on your doorstep.

The best buy-to-live locations

Brexit has caused house price growth to stutter across much of the UK, but for those looking to invest in their own property, there are still pockets enjoying notable price growth.

North Devon tops the table at 15% growth year on year, followed by Merthyr Tydfil and Blaenau Gwent in Wales, both at 13%, along with a third Welsh option in Caerphilly, up 11%.

Camden is the best bet in London, with house prices up 10% in the last year, while West Devon, Forest Heath, Rochdale and Monmouthshire all up 9%, and Trafford has seen annual growth of 8%.

So you know where to live for the healthiest return on your house price but where should you invest when it comes to buy-to-let?

The top 10 places to live in the UK, by average annual house price growth

  1. North Devon (15%)

  2. Merthyr Tydfil (13%)

  3. Blaenau Gwent (13%)

  4. Caerphilly (11%)

  5. Camden (10%)

  6. West Devon (9%)

  7. Forest Heath (9%)

  8. Rocherdale (9%)

  9. Monmouthshire (9%)

  10. Trafford (8%)

The best buy-to-let locations

When it comes to current rental yields, Glasgow is the best spot for a return at 7.5%, with Scotland also accounting for the next best three in Midlothian (6.8%), East Ayrshire (6.8%) and West Dunbartonshire (6.7%).

Burnley and Belfast are home to current yields of 6.5%, while Inverclyde (6.4%), Falkirk (6.3%), the Western Isles (6.2%) and Clackmannanshire (6.1%) complete the top 10.

Buy and live in North Devon and invest in Glasgow, and you’re sure to beat the Brexit blues to see an all-round return.

Top 10 places to invest in the UK, by average rental yield

  1. Glasgow (7.5%)

  2. Midlothian (6.8%)

  3. East Ayrshire (6.8%)

  4. West Dunbartonshire (6.7%)

  5. Burnley (6.5%)

  6. Belfast (6.5%)

  7. Inverclyde (6.4%)

  8. Falkirk (6.3%)

  9. Western Isles (6.2%)

  10. Clackmannanshire (6.1%)