The Catch-up: G4S driver who stole £1m from his own van jailed


What happened?

A G4S driver has been jailed for stealing nearly £1 million in cash from the van he was driving for the company. Joel March, 36, fled with deposit boxes after abandoning the cash-in-transit vehicle in a leafy south London street on April 23 then concealed the stolen money from the police. March, of Rectory Grove, Clapham, admitted theft by employee and concealing the proceeds of crime and was jailed for four years and eight months.

Missing money

Prosecutor Alex Agbamu told a hearing at Inner London Crown Court in May the total amount of missing cash was around £900,000 – £880,000 of which is still missing and unaccounted for. The court also heard that the day after the theft March spent around £1,400 in cash on new sportswear and footwear from JD Sports.

The prosecutor said that March arrived for work on the morning of the crime and picked up the van with 48 containers of cash totalling £916,190 inside. But instead of delivering the cash around the Holborn area the father-of-three had driven to Larkhall Rise in Clapham, ditched the van and fled with the cash. 43 of the 48 deposit boxes containing £889,440 were missing from the van. The van was left in the street, which had no CCTV cameras, for a number of hours before a member of the public reported it to G4S.

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