Reality TV star blinded by champagne cork

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Theo Campbell, of MTV’s The Challenge fame, has been blinded in one eye after a “really unfortunate accident” involving a champagne cork.

The reality star shared the news on social media as well as a photo of his bandaged eye. He revealed that despite “two eye surgeries,” he’s “lost all vision in my right eye” because it was “split in half.”

Theo Campbell, of MTV’s "The Challenge" fame, has been blinded in one eye after a “really unfortunate accident” involving a champagne cork. (Photo: Theo Campbell via Instagram)

“Who would have thought a champagne cork would be the end of me?” he wrote.

Campbell, who was on England’s national track team before finding fame on U.K.’s Love Island, was very optimistic in his post though. He said, on the bright side, “I still have one eye left.” He also asked if anyone knows where he can get “cool eye patches,” and used the hashtags Captain Hook, Thor and Fetty Wap.

He also thanked his girlfriend, Love Island's Kaz Crossley, for “flying out to look after me.”

Crossley revealed some more details on her Instagram stories. She said it had been a “hard 24 hours” because “no one [at the hospital] speaks English,” and at one point Campbell was taken into his surgery and nobody informed her.

(Screenshot: kaz crossley via Instagram)

She also said the accident occurred when Campbell got champagne in his eye. He took his glasses off for a moment and at that point a cork hit him directly in the eye. He was hospitalized on Sunday and had seven stitches to close the eye. He is expected to be in the hospital for two more days.

Crossley said Campbell’s been “so brave and positive” during the ordeal. And while he’s currently blind in the eye, he’s hopeful that there will be a miracle to turn it around.

“I always preach about being patient and having hope,” Campbell said in one of Crossley’s stories. “I think the body — especially my body — can heal from anything.”

(Screenshot: kaz crossley via Instagram)

Crossley also wrote that she hopes “this will make people aware of the dangers” related to opening champagne bottles around other people and “be more careful.”

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