The cheapest places in the UK to up-size your home

It costs 44% per room to up-size your house. Photo: Breno Assis/Unsplash

Blackpool, Middlesbrough and Islington are some of the cheapest places in the UK to upgrade to a bigger home – depending on exactly how many rooms you want.

Research by estate agent comparison site GetAgent found hat on average, every additional room adds 44% to a property’s value.

The current average cost of a one-bed is £193,226, climbing 26% to an average of £243,762 for a two-bed.

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The popularity of three-bed homes for growing families and a lack of stock to accommodate this demand means the price jump between a two and three-bed property is one of the largest at 47%, second only to the difference between a four and five-bed home.

Up-sizing between a three and four-bed requires an additional 42% in property prices with the biggest jump predictably that between a four-bed property and a home with five or more bedrooms – a 62% increase.

With a growing population and a lack of housing stock being delivered, it’s no surprise that the cost of an additional room in London is higher, with an additional 52% required for every room up-sized.

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Again, the jump between two and three-bed homes is the second largest at 59%, with an increase of 63% between four-bed homes and properties with five beds or more.

The most and least affordable up-sizing locations

However, up-sizing doesn’t have to be a tough financial hurdle. There are plenty of pockets of the UK where improving your property potential is pretty cost-effective.

The smallest average increase between the price of a one and two-bed can be found in Blackpool (0.2%), while the most sought-after two to three-bed jump is at its cheapest in Middlesbrough, with a 13% increase.

The cheapest places to up-size from a one to two-bed home

  1. Blackpool (0.2%)

  2. Caerphilly (0.2%)

  3. Fylde (1%)

  4. Knowsley (1%)

  5. Wigan (1%)

  6. West Lindsey (1%)

  7. Rugby (1%)

  8. Bradford (2%)

  9. Redcar & Cleveland (2%)

  10. Nonmouthshire (2%)

The cheapest places to up-size from a two to three-bed home

  1. Middlesbrough (13%)

  2. North East Lincolnshire (17%)

  3. Caerphilly (19%)

  4. Western Isles (20%)

  5. Newham (23%)

  6. Castle Point (24%)

  7. South Gloucestershire (25%)

  8. Blackpool (26%)

  9. Wolverhampton (26%)

  10. Rhondda Cynon Taf (26%)

While the cost of buying in the borough of Islington is high, it’s home to the smallest increase in property price between a three and four-bed home at just 3%, with Buteshire is the best place to go big and move from a four-bed, to a five-bed or larger, with an increase of 5%.

The cheapest places to up-size from a three to four-bed home

  1. Islington (2%)

  2. Tower Hamlets (9%)

  3. Midlothian (13%)

  4. Southwark (17%)

  5. Hammersmith and Fulham (17%)

  6. Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (17%)

  7. Barking and Dagenham (23%)

  8. Newham (23%)

  9. Enfield (23%)

The cheapest places to up-size from a four to five-bed home

  1. Buteshire (5%)

  2. City of London (7%)

  3. Manchester (7%)

  4. Bexley (17%)

  5. Preston (18%)

  6. Merthyr Tydfil (19%

  7. Luton (19%)

  8. Barking and Dagenham (22%)

  9. Copeland (23%)

  10. Middlebrough (24%)