'The Circle's' Woody Cook won't 'chase' celebrity career: 'I'd rather be young'

Woody Cook in his apartment at The Circle in Salford, Manchester, ahead of the live final of the second series of Channel 4's The Circle. (Photo by Peter Powell/PA Images via Getty Images)

While Woody Cook may be the offspring of famous parents Zoe Ball and Norman Cook, otherwise known as Fatboy Slim, he doesn't have a celebrity career in mind following on from his stint in game show The Circle.

Cook, 18, was a finalist in Channel 4 programme which concluded last night but he's more interested in getting "back to normal" than chasing stardom.

Speaking about what was next for him, Cook shared: "Continue being a normal teenager. I’m just being me. It’s back to normal proceedings rather than trying to chase it up.

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“You’re only young once, and I’d rather be young than try and be famous.”

Finalist Woody Cook with his mother, Zoe Ball, following the live final of the second series of Channel 4's The Circle, in Salford, Manchester. (Photo by Peter Powell/PA Images via Getty Images)

He added he was planning on taking a gap year to "go to Australia, go to New Zealand, have a mad one".

His parents, along with little sister Nelly, recorded a video for the teenager ahead of the final where they said they were wrong to have had their doubts about Cook entering the competition.

Cook has said he was delighted to make them proud despite their misgivings, commenting: "Seeing the little video message they sent me, where they said they were wrong. I was very, very chuffed.

“I had always told them I’d be alright on my own. They never believed me. Hearing they were proud of me was a really sweet moment and it really brought a tear to my eye.

Zoe Ball, Norman Cook and son Woody attend the UK Gala screening of 'Man Up' at Curzon Mayfair on May 13, 2015 in London, England. Photograph by Paul Treadway / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

“It’s all you can ever ask for. It was very refreshing to be able to go ‘look guys, I told them I’m all right’.”

During his time on the programme, Cook flirted with contestant "Judy", who was actually presenter Richard Madeley pretending to be a woman in her 20s.

Ball appeared in the audience at the live final last night where Dubliner Paddy Smyth won the show and scooped a £70,000 prize.

Meanwhile, £30,000 went to Tim Wilson who won the viewers' vote.

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