The ultimate fragrance gifting guide for 2019 - Here are 16 perfumes that hit the right note

Our lives are an amalgamation of occasions. A lot happens in these events making them memorable and getting them tagged as favorites. However, sometimes we remember them mainly because of the gifts we received. Isn’t that why we all love birthdays? Otherwise, it’s only a day about getting older! Speaking of gifts, I have to admit that perfumes are growing to become a hot favorite choice for me. Man, woman boy or a growing teenage girl who is loving the fact that she can smell nice and make heads turn too, perfumes make them all happy. I also think of them as very personal gifts as every time the wearer sprays the perfume on they will think of you. It’s thoughtful and almost poetic to become a part of a loved one’s day without actually being present.

To make someone happy you got to gift them a perfume that brings a smile to their face and makes them revel every whiff, not grant them a headache as some fragrances can be pungent and suffocating. In-depth knowledge isn’t easy to acquire, which is why you need to rely on experts- Maison Des Parfums. Getting a whiff of fragrances that allure the world, under one roof is what you will find at this luxury retail boutique concept. Maison Des Parfums houses a collection of fine artisanal luxury fragrances that are curated from around the world. For a fragrance lover who is looking for more than run-of-the-mill brands, this place is your amusement park with the best of artisanal fragrances from brands like Memo, Amouage, Nasomatto, Juilette has a Gun, Jean Patou, Amouroud, and more. You can get information and help to choose the perfect scent for your loved one thanks to their informative and helpful staff. We have enlisted below a list of some such wonderful fragrances that you will find among many more outstanding scents at the Mumbai and Delhi stores of Maison Des Parfums:

  • Amouroud - Dark orchid - Unisex - Rs 12,990

Darkness is enigmatic and so is this superlative fragrance that could be a favorite with both man or woman. Unravel the deep dark secrets folded in the petals of black gardenia and rare spiced orchid. Top notes are mandarin orange, citrus accord, black gardenia, Sicilian bergamot. A hypnotic, unforgettable fragrance on your mind? Dark Orchid is your addictive treasure.

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  • Amouroud - White Hinoki - Unisex - Rs 16,700

When a perfume is created out of a tree as sacred and valued as the hinoki tree of japan (wood of this tree is also used to make shrines) the scent can only be superlative. Combining this pious, ancient material with warming notes of ginger, blood orange, and white pepper results in a subdued delicacy which is amped by the copiousness of labdanum and cinnamon, before giving way to tobacco and bourbon for a captivating, fragrance. The Amouroud White Hinoki is a unisex perfume with a citrusy-woody aroma.

  • Acqui Di Parma - Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto Di Calabria Eau De Toilette- Unisex - Rs 6400

Men and women with a nose that falls for woody aromatic scents, the Acqui Di Parma can be your new best fragrance. With top notes like bergamot and citron and floral notes and red ginger, be sure to smell fabulous all day long. This head-turning perfume is for both men and women.

  • Acqua Di Parma - Peonia Nobile - Women - RS 12,500

Have a special place in your heart for floral fragrances? Then you must try the refreshing and floral Peonia Nobile. This newish fragrance on the block has already won many hearts with its lingering notes like black pepper, raspberry, peony, Turkish rose, freesia, amber, patchouli, and musk. A fragrance that signifies assertive feminism and unmissable sensuality.

  • Houbigant - Iris Des Champs - Women - RS 10,125

Love iris fragrances coupled with the cutest looking bottle? Then you have found a match with Iris Des Champs by Houbigant. One sniff of this heady perfume and you will find yourself in the Tuscan countryside amidst a field of irises. This olfactory treasure is for women only with top notes like bergamot, lily of the valley and pink pepper.

  • Houbigant - Fougere Royale - Men - Rs 10,125

House of Houbigant, the iconic perfume brand first introduced the Fougere Royale in the year 1882, opening a new genre of perfumes for men. After all these years, they brought back the classic revamping it in an elegant and modern way. Bergamot, Mediterranean herbs, lavender, chamomile make the top notes.

  • Juliette Has A Gun - Metal Chypre - Women - Rs 19,200

Pink pepper, bergamot, amber, daim, orris, patchouli, ambrox bathe you in a mesmerizing aura in this exquisite and modern take on the classic accord, Metal Chypré from Juliette has a Gun. Ladies looking for a perfume with a different edge, Metal Chypre is another delightfully different composition from Juliette's Luxury Collection.

  • Juliette Has A Gun - Midnight Oud - Women -Rs 9,000

Romano Ricci’s niche line Juliette has a Gun has created waves all around and the Midnight Oud stands out as a unanimous favorite with top notes like Moroccan rose, geranium, saffron, oud note, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, animalic musks that creates a scent that is rich, velvety and opulent. The metallic flacon with engraved names and ornaments is very eye-catching too.

  • Les Parfums De Rosine - Ballerina N°3 - Women - Rs.10,800

Let’s be honest, Ballerina N°3 has more fans around the world for the bottle than the actual fragrance. No doubt this woody, floral, musk fragrance has stolen a million hearts and is a favorite with many. The nose behind this scent is Delphine Lebeau Krowiak and top notes are floral favorites fuschia and rose; there’s some spice in the mix too like black pepper and pink pepper.

  • Les Parfums De Rosine - Un Zest De Rose - Women - Rs 9,600

This is something you would gift the primmest and most proper woman you know. And she is guaranteed to love it. It’s the neatest looking, delicate and fresh smelling perfume on the block. Un Zest de Rose is inspired by an ancient rose, pale yellow, and almost white. Top notes are bergamot, Amalfi lemon, orange, and dried fruits. Whenever you feel like smelling citrusy, Un Zest De Rose should be your pick.

  • Nasomatto - Silver Musk - Unisex - Rs10,500

This one is special because it’s also the most effortlessly nice-smelling perfume. It’s not aimed at smelling like a bunch of irises or tulips. Its simply meant to smell as natural as fresh, clean and freshly showered skin should smell. The scent isn’t overwhelming. Having said that it’s subtle but certainly not weak. Silver musk Nasomatto is great for both men and women.

  • Nasomatto - Baraonda - Unisex - Rs 10,500

What’s in a name? Not the description apparently. Baraonda means chaos in Italian but the scent, on the other hand, is delicate with an appealing light color. Take a whiff of Baraonda ad you can instantly smell musk, ambrette, whiskey, rose, ambroxyn, and woody notes. It’s a good pick for both men and women.

  • Jean Patou - Jean Patou Joy Forever - Women- 30ml-rs.6,675, 50ml-rs.9,375, 75ml-rs11,625

A perfume should evoke some memories, some emotion. For those who believe and understand Paris as an emotion, your fragrance has got to be Jean Patou Joy Forever. It is a feminine and timeless scent that wears well as day bleeds into the night. To play off its top-note, bergamot, mandarin and galbanum work in harmony with the lush floral mid notes of jasmine, rose, orris, marigold, orange flower and peach.

  • Jean Patou - Jean Patou Sublime - Women - 50ml-rs.4725, 75ml-rs.6675

This could be one of the oldest chip off the block, but it’s still standing tall which says oodles about its quality. Sublime is a floral fragrance with citrus accords that was released in 1992. The scent opens with notes of mandarin orange, bergamot, ylang-ylang. One of the sublime treasures from the famous Jean Patou house.

  • Etro - Man Rose - Men - Rs.11800

Whoever said floral is only for women hasn’t had a chance to smell the charming Man Rose, a floriental fragrance for men with leather facets. Bergamot, cardamom, and pepper are mixed with the sizzling nuances of geranium, Turkish rose, and incense. For the masculine yet compassionate man, Man Rose is the fragrance.

  • Etro - Io Myself - Unisex - Rs.11800

With top notes of bergamot, mandarin, lemon, and papyrus along with Turkey red rose that form a citrusy collection, Io Myself is a beautifully crafted rose/oud combo. What also sets this scent apart is the unisex quality which marries the chemistry of essential oils with mythology.

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