The unbelievable metamorphosis of The Mountain

The Mountain has made his first kill after coming back to life, ripping the head of one of the faith militant, in the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

But in real life, The Mountain looks less scary, especially when you see the videos and pictures of him along with with his tiny pet pooch Asterix.

The most cardio I’ve done in years!!#TimeForPizza #Asterix&Obelix

— Hafþór J Björnsson (@ThorBjornsson_)
May 14, 2016

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, a.k.a Thor, the actor who plays Gregor Clegane(The Mountain) in Game of Thrones, is a professional strongman, who currently holds the title of Europe’s strongest, and also the third in the world.

The 27-year-old from Iceland is of 6’ 9”, and weighs 179 kg. He became a household name after playing the role of the ruthless knight in the celebrated HBO series Game of Thrones.

Björnsson’s old photo, taken during his days as a professional basketball player, has been making rounds on the internet. The photo shows his 20-year-old self, where he sports a slimmer, athletic look. It is hard to believe that he is The Mountain that we see on screen today.

It was a knee injury that cut short Björnsson’s career as a basketball player at the age of 20. That was the biggest turning point in his life, whereupon he decided to shift his focus to become a strongman; within two years, he metamorphosised into one, bagging the title at the national level.

Not so long back, he shared the details of his diet on facebook, following requests from his curious fans. The diet chart reveals that he consumes food up to 10 times a day in regular intervals, to maintain his gigantic figure.Björnsson will be vying for the World’s Strongest Man title this year as well, in his sixth attempt. His best ever performance till date is reaching the second place in 2014.