'The View' co-hosts say lawmaker who dressed as Batgirl during impeachment vote was 'inappropriate'

Sometimes the clothes do not make the congresswoman.

The View weighed in on the recent controversy surrounding Democratic Rep. Katie Porter after she showed up to an impeachment vote on Halloween dressed as Batgirl.

Some criticized Porter for appearing to not take the vote seriously—a charge Porter brushed off in a tweet.

Co-hosts Sunny HostinAbby Huntsman and Ana Navarro each expressed their disapproval of the congresswoman’s outfit. “I think it was completely inappropriate,” said Hostin. “You can’t go to vote on impeachment in Congress and wear a Batgirl costume.”

“This was the big vote day—this was voting on the impeachment proceedings. If you want to be taken seriously as Democrats why are you going to show up in that?” asked Huntsman.

Navarro said, “I think yesterday was the very wrong day to come in in costume. At an impeachment inquiry you have to have some gravitas and seriousness.”

But Joy Behar disagreed with the trio, calling them “so strict.” She added, “The whole Republican Party right now is one big joke, so why can’t she come in with one joke? Come on.”

Some viewers on Twitter agreed with Behar:

Others sided with Hostin, Huntsman and Navarro:

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