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Tanuja was first seen on celluloid in the 1952 film, Amber. She was the younger version of the central character played by Nargis. Her debut as a leading lady happened in 1960 with Chhabili. She has been in the industry for 60 years now. Her most recent film was a Bengali drama, Shonar Pahar.

Then & Now: Transformations of the leading ladies of old Bollywood

The 60s were when the golden period of Bollywood kicked off, taking a full flight through the 70s. The mid-80s is when the worst period of Bollywood started, and it improved only towards the end of the next decade.

But all these periods had their own stars who were beyond excellent within the limited resources and scopes at their disposal.

Today we bring to you the transformations of the leading ladies of the years gone by.