How therapy can help you deal with stress, work pressure

As the stress in one's life is increasing, so are the avenues to work on oneself and seek help and therapy to be able to restore ones mental balance and health. (Representative image)

By Tiesta Duggal

In this modern age, as our world grows and so does the competition each person is highly driven to perform their best and deliver the maximum they can, be it as an employee or an entrepreneur However, with the drive also comes immense work pressure often leading a person to be stressed and prone to mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

In a typical work day and setup, a person usually only gets very limited time to interact with the external world and today, the interactions have also been replaced by phones and social media leading to high chances of a person feeling lonely and sad.

As the stress in one’s life is increasing, so are the avenues to work on oneself and seek help and therapy to be able to restore ones mental balance and health.

Below are a few ways how therapy can be helpful to manage stress and work pressure:

Talking to someone trained helps

A source to vent out stored emotions and process them – An average person spends so much time at work and hardly gets any time to process, feel or release their stored emotions eventually causing them to keep imploding and getting disturbed until they cannot handle it any longer, however talking to a therapist/counsellor helps one to release all the internal baggage and conflict stored in a person’s mind thus helping them to greatly relax and ease out.

Learning techniques to manage stress and stay calm

From simple breathing techniques to tools on how to manage your stress, how to allow yourself to remain integrated, to understanding people, their patterns and learning to cope with them. Therapy encompasses multiple aspects of dealing with ones pressures and stress and gives them the tools to empower themselves.

Remove subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs

Our outer life and reality is a product of our beliefs, subconscious conditioning and they have a direct impact on how our life works out.

For example; constantly believing that one will never be able to succeed will actually create that kind of results in ones life. Thus, therapy helps understand the underlying subconscious and helps one overcome them.

Choose tools for growth and empowerment

Therapy also works as a source to learn new tools of programming and conditioning one’s mind to be more successful and release pressures. Tools such as positive affirmations, vision boards, role of gratitude, using the law of attraction properly would not help a person deal with their current circumstances but would also provide them a vision and a way forward in life.

With one’s regular if these small habits, practices, some counselling and guidance can be added, it would go a long way in making one feel much more capable to deal with the work stress and also help them create a roadmap and pathways for the future in a much more mentally and emotionally balanced way.

Tiesta Duggal is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and an Internationally Certified Workshop Leader. Views expressed are the author's own.