There's a new bed on the market with a 70" binge-watching screen

Elena Sheppard
Wellness Editor

If you’ve been trying to limit artificial light before bedtime, this new bed probably isn’t for you. The bed, created by Italian architect and designer Fabio Vinella for the Italian furniture company hi-interiors, is being marketed as a “smart bed,” and includes such built-in features as tracking your sleep patterns, offering sleep suggestions, and monitoring the room temperature, noise level, and air quality. Plus, it comes equipped with a 70” screen that is literally the foot of your bed and is perfectly made for binge-watching while you recline.

The bed is being touted as “the smart bed that makes you a better version of yourself,” and seems to be part of the latest evolution in home-tech. This particular bed, called the HiCan, also includes a built-in 4k projector, lighting, and voice assistant.

The HiCan is not the first smart-bed on the market. There is, for example, Eight Sleep, a company which makes a mattress whose temperature you can customize. There are also mattresses available from companies like ReST Smart Beds and Sleep Number which track sleep patterns to customize the mattress to the right firmness, temperature, and angle for you. HiCan seems to be the first bed on the market that is really it’s own little sleeping universe.

Of course, sleep purists will have something to say about the integration of technology (via that massive 70” screen) which will not do much to curb blue-light emissions which have been proven to delay melatonin and disrupt sleep cycles. But, the reality is this smart bed is far too expensive for most consumers. Priced at nearly $40,000 this is definitely not a mass market item.

Still, it’s interesting to see the direction home technology is taking — and dream about whether or not smart beds are the future.

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