There's a Champion Named Roman Perez, and He is More Than Just a Basketball Player

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Playing the game of basketball can be an amazing feeling, but the impact that's made off the court is what makes this sport even more fulfilling.

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As a kid, Roman Perez was not your average basketball player type. He was always the shortest and the weakest. That came with the fact that he was not allowed to play in local parks to practice because of the harsh streets in brooklyn where he grew up.

These obstacles made Roman strong, and years passed and he emerged as one of the best in his home town. With the support of his brother and parents in especially his father, there was no turning back for him now. Hard work and determination to become a better than he was in the past.

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With time, he played 2 years of college basketball and is a active 12 year professional. He won his first championship in his country Dominican Republic in 2019, and is looking for more to come.

In his journey, the lives he has impacted with his story has been so many. Always showing love and being present in the life of others is Roman's purpose. Whether its doing events for the communities, running tournaments, or encouraging others to keep dreaming, he never gives up on people. His foundation called Dudo Baez after his fathers passing in 2014, had helped numerous of people whether its to get an opportunity or to be off the streets.

A champion is more than just winning a trophy, its about making others feel loved and motivated. The key is to inspire and live of true testimony for others to follow. Roman Perez, is the definition that anything can happen if you believe and push yourself always.