Theresa May is ‘living her best life’ on first day after leaving office

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
Theresa May enjoying one of her biggest passions - cricket at Lords (PA)

Theresa May was seen ‘living her best life’ and relaxing during her first day as a backbench MP.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister left office after holding her last PMQ’s.

Her successor Boris Johnson immediately went to work and announced his new cabinet on Wednesday.

Mrs May seemed to be enjoying her time off (PA)

But as Brexit pressure mounts in Westminster, Mrs May seemed relaxed and at ease as she indulged in one of her biggest passions: cricket.

Mrs May is a die hard cricket fan and member of invitation-only club Lords. She hosted the England cricket team after they became world champions and couldn’t contain her joy.

A day after her resignation, Mrs May was seen laughing, drinking and relaxing while enjoying the 3-Day Test match between England and Ireland at the London cricket ground.

In fact, the former Tory leader left quite an impression on Twitter, with some users saying the former Prime Minister was taking a “well-deserved” break.

One person tweeted: “Good on her, well deserved rest!”

Meanwhile, a congratulatory post read: “Fair play to her!”

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Another Twitter user said in a heartfelt post: “Good for her. It's nice to see her enjoying life again - and smiling.”

One user even said: “I was really hoping she would be on a beach somewhere, but this will do.”

Another person stepped out to note Mrs May for her cricket fan credentials, saying: “May is a genuine cricket fan, not just someone who pretends for PR reasons, so I'm fine with this. And I'm not a fan of hers.

“The notion every MP needs to be in the Commons every second it's sitting is silly. If there's a big vote or debate, that's different of course.”

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