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The Mossad, Israel

The tiny state of Israel considered a holy land by Jews, Christians and Muslims, and surrounded by enemy states Eygpt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon is naturally the world’s most hostile geo-political location. To protect itself Israel created one of the most evolved, effective and feared intelligence agencies called the Mossad in 1949. The Mossad’s remorseless covert operations over the years, mainly involving destroying anti-Jew plots all over, has earned it the tag of “the world’s most efficient killing machine.” One such example is its tracking and hunting down all suspects behind the massacre of Jewish Israeli athletes in 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Yet another such example is its destroying Iran's nuclear ambitions way before anybody had even got a whiff of it. The intelligence agency, one of the three in Israel, is also linked with the assassination of many Palestinian leaders in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

These are some of the best intelligence agencies of the world

Undercover agents, spies, tech geeks and even hackers. A nation’s intelligence agency is powered by them. Alongside the military and police force, these intelligence agencies form the backbone of a nation’s security mechanism.

Unlike the military and police force, however, little is known about their modus operandi, agents and covert operations that diffuse threats – external or internal – even before they form. They are powerful for sure, and in some cases heinous and ruthless.

In this slideshow, we take a look at some of the top intelligence agencies of the world, the nation’s they serve and their unmatched feats.