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CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the US

With the Second World War coming to an end and the Cold War with former Soviet Union heating up, need was felt for an independent intelligence agency to deal with the challenge. Thus, came into being the Central Intelligence Agency, popularly known by its acronym CIA, in 1947. Heavily funded and technologically most advanced, the CIA has been gathering information about foreign governments, individuals and corporations for over 70 years now to advise senior policymakers in the US. The CIA also engages in covert operations and paramilitary actions. Further, it exerts foreign political influence (it’s common knowledge how the US gained an upper hand in the Cold War by dismantling many a communist regime). However, it has also had its quota of intelligence failure. Most glaring of those have been the 9/11 attack and the subsequent failure to capture top level Al-Queda leaders for a long while.

These are some of the best intelligence agencies of the world

Undercover agents, spies, tech geeks and even hackers. A nation’s intelligence agency is powered by them. Alongside the military and police force, these intelligence agencies form the backbone of a nation’s security mechanism.

Unlike the military and police force, however, little is known about their modus operandi, agents and covert operations that diffuse threats – external or internal – even before they form. They are powerful for sure, and in some cases heinous and ruthless.

In this slideshow, we take a look at some of the top intelligence agencies of the world, the nation’s they serve and their unmatched feats.