10 nations that account for maximum cyber attacks in the world

Breaking into a security system requires more expertise and intelligence than actually creating one. Hackers are those tech intellects who have the ability to break into computer security systems and access classified data. While there is a common practice of ethical hacking towards the purpose of making security systems hack-proof, black hat hackers take control of systems for personal gains.

The data in this article take a look at those unethical hackers who pose a threat to the security of organisations at micro, macro and even national and international levels contributing to most of the world’s cyber attack incidents.

Unethical hacking refers to the use of advanced technology for exploiting weaknesses and breaching defences in a computer system. In unethical hacking, the hackers use their skills to make profit, gather information, protest, or challenge authority. Attacks by such hackers can cause massive loss to the organisations in terms of finances as well as other resources.

Since illegal hacking involves unauthorised access to business-critical data, it is considered as a criminal offence and is punishable under law. Hacking can be done at both individual as well as large scale organisational level. Cyber hackers see individual systems as an easy target because of thin or almost negligent defensive walls in place.

In early June, the government of India listed 42 Chinese apps as dangerous, including SHAREit, UC Browser, and Mi Store. And now, it has gone ahead and banned 59 Chinese apps on account of data security. Individuals who have these apps installed on their systems, intentionally or unintentionally, are not only more vulnerable to hackers at an individual level, but they could be potentially exposed to large scale cyber attacks.

In view of this ban, here’s a look at which countries account for most of the world’s cyber attacks. Guess which country contributes the most? Share your comments below.

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