They're paid trolls: Sonu Sood on his book receiving backlash

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02 Jan 2021: They're paid trolls: Sonu Sood on his book receiving backlash

Recently, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood released his book I Am No Messiah, revolving around his philanthropic work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

However, soon after its release on Amazon, the book was attacked by trolls, who accused Sood of seeking publicity through his work.

The actor has now clarified his stance and called out the trolls.

Here is more on this.

Details: Would never dream of extolling myself: Sood

In an interview, the actor stated that he is not bothered by the criticism.

He said, "Those are paid trolls. The book is doing phenomenally well (sic)."

"As for being criticized for calling myself a messiah, I would never dream of extolling myself. In fact, I discourage fans from calling me by such unworthy epithets (sic)," he further added.

Details: 'Being called messiah or being trolled are not my concern'

Sood said, "I always ignore the negativity. It is the only way to keep moving forward do the work I believe in (sic)."

"I believe I have been sent to this Earth with and for a purpose. I will continue my work. Being called a messiah or being trolled for being called a messiah are not my concern," the actor added.

Book: I believe that I am no messiah, he had said

Sood's book, I Am No Messiah, chronicles his experience of helping thousands of migrant workers amid the pandemic-induced lockdown restrictions.

It has been co-written by journalist Meena Iyer.

"People have been very kind and have lovingly named me messiah. But I really do believe that I am no messiah. I simply do what my heart tells me to," Sood had earlier said about it.

Work: Sood hailed for his philanthropic work for migrant workers

Sood, who is known for playing negative roles on the silver screen, has been hailed as a real-life hero for helping thousands of needy amid the COVID-19 crisis.

He arranged transportation facilities for migrants to help them reach their homes, and also provided them free food and shelter.

More recently, he mortgaged some of his properties to raise Rs. 10 crore for the needy.

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