Things you must tell your father this 18th and ‘Happy Father’s Day’ is not one of them

It takes two to carve a wise and virtuous human being out of the impressionable mind of a naïve child – one plays the good cop, the other the bad cop. In most families, it’s the father that wilfully dons the bad cop’s uniform. Many of us have grown up bearing his strict silhouette in our memories, holding ourselves from sharing who knows how many emotions from our bad cop. This father day make your dad a soothing cuppa, lean next to him, and tell him these six things you always wanted to.

“You know what, dad! You were right about my friend, all of them turned out to be scoundrels, none of them paid back my money. Anyway, a bad experience is always a good lesson. You sure can see through jerks if nothing else.”

“Papa, remember how Mohit and Sohan would overtake us on the way to school, stick thumbs out of their big glossy car and mock us by singing “Hamaraaaa Bajaj…? I want you to know that their inane bullying never bothered me; those 15 minutes every morning were very precious to me, for most days I would fall asleep long before you returned from work. Now that I own 3 big cars myself, let me tell you, no ride compares to our 15 minutes on Hamara lemon yellow Bajaj.”

“Babuji, it’s about time you and maa embarked on a new journey, and what could be better than to start it with a vacation. Maybe Goa, or Ooti. I say Europe trips come in economic packages these days, why don’t you just get your passports made? I’ve seen you burn the candle at both ends all your youth, now revel in this leisure. Your paychecks were consumed in our upbringing, it’s only fair that you disburse your provident fund on yourself and maa. You don’t have to worry about the mortgage anymore.”

“Papa, remember that one time grandpa suffered a heart attack and mom jumped on the next flight to care for him leaving us back home – just you and I? I want to thank you for those burnt rotis. When it comes to cooking, you are nowhere near mum, let’s just agree on this one. But I really appreciate you trying instead of ordering a pizza. Also, I wanted to thank you for the extra square of chocolates to make up for the blackened chapattis.”

“Dad, do you remember how you would miss my annual day and sports day every year? How mom attended every parents-teacher’s meeting and you none? How mom would take me shopping for my birthday while you could barely make it to the party? I guess I was too young to understand, but now I know and so I say – I recognise all your sacrifices and cannot thank you enough for confining yourself first to a cubicle, then to a cabin just so I could have the best sports shoes to win the inter-school championship, so I could prance around in that expensive princess costume in the drama, so mom could buy me every gift I set my eyes on, and so my educational aspirations were secured”

“Baba, I could always tell when you cooked up stories to impress me, especially the one about walking 10 kilometres to school. Guess what? Dadu too narrated the same old tale at bed time, just that in his version it was he who braved those miles barefoot. It was just out of respect that I held myself from calling your bluff but its time you came clean. Please, you didn’t grow up in the ‘20s.”