This Chrome extension is all you need to host a social distancing Netflix viewing party

You can watch, you can chat; it's almost like you're there

We’re in the first hours of the Janta Curfew and it’s fairly clear, by now, that Netflix is going to be your best friend in the coming weeks or indeed months. It will be a long, long time before you finally see your friends in person, let alone Netflix and chill with them.

Sure it sounds cool to announce on Instagram how you hate people but one week into isolation, chances are, most of us know better. Fact is, as humans we crave some sort of communication at most times. And so this period of social isolation is bound to have some serious short- and long-term effects on our psyche.

Now, you may not be able to go out and see your friends or bingewatch reruns of your favourite shows but you can get fairly close to the experience. Say hello to Netflix Party.

What is Netflix Party?

Netflix Party is a chrome extension which helps you watch your favourite shows and movies with your friends. How it works is deceptively simple – you can watch whatever show/movie you want, together and chat while you’re watching.

How does Netflix Party work?

You need to have a Netflix account (obviously) and a Google Chrome browser (also, obvs) to use Netflix Party.

You can download the Netflix Party extension by looking it up on the Chrome Web Store.

Next, look up the show or movie you want to watch with your pals. Once you’ve done that, hit play.

Then hit the Netflix Party extension that appears in red at the top of your browser. The moment you do that it will ask if you’d like to be the only used having control over the player. Which is to day only you can forward, rewind the video or add subtitles.

Once you select the option you want, it generates a URL. Check the box that reads ‘Show chat’ so you can live chat as you watch your show/movie.

Send the generated URL with your pals and start your Netflix Party!